About Shark Diving International

We started in 1998 with a simple idea - charter a boat and bring along some friends to find the greatest shark diving adventure on the planet.

About Shark Diving International

Founded in 1998, Great White Adventures (our parent company), quickly became the #1 Shark Diving operation in the USA. With our discovery of Isla Guadalupe as the premiere White Shark diving destination in North America in September 2001, Great White Adventures became a real "World Contender" in the Shark Diving industry. With a perfect safety record and several extremely successful seasons at both Farallon Islands and Isla Guadalupe, Great White Adventures continues to be recognized as one of the worlds top Shark Diving Adventure companies. In 2005 Great White Adventures founder Lawrence Groth, decided it was time to expand the business on a global scale.

Opening Shark Diving International in March 2005. Lawrence and his dedicated team of professional divers undertook several months of careful research and made several exploration expeditions all over the world locating the top shark diving destinations around the globe. We developed personal relationships with local operators and located the finest vessels and resorts to offer our clients at each new destination. We also determined when the best time period was to visit each location, to ensure the best possible encounter with the particular species found at that particular destination.


Our Goal

Our goal is simple... to provide you the best Shark Diving experience in the world.

Shark Diving International now offers 8 shark diving destinations worldwide. We offer shark diving expeditions with over 12 species of sharks including the TOP 5 "Marquis Species", White shark, Whale shark, Tiger shark, Great Hammerhead shark and Bull shark.

Over 6,000 people have discovered the exciting sport of shark diving with Great White Adventures and Shark Diving International. We are also very proud to say that after over 1200 days of diving operations, we still maintain our 100% safety record.

With Shark Diving International, you can be sure that you will experience the safest and most exciting shark diving experience possible, anywhere in the world.