Shark Diving the Farallon Islands

We started in 1998 with a simple idea - charter a boat and bring along some friends to find the greatest shark diving adventure on the planet.

Shark Diving the Farallon Islands

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Great White Shark Diving at the Farallon Islands


In the fall, thousands of marine mammals congregate on this rocky promontory to breed and calve their young. This event attracts the largest White Sharks in the world to South East Farallon Island (SEFI), where they feed on Elephant Seals before their long trans-Pacific migration. We have had many dramatic encounters with White Sharks at SEFI. Breach attacks occur right in front of the cage and we have witnessed enumerable natural "Feeding Events".

Trip Insurance

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Cage Diver: $775
Topside Observer: $375
Includes cage diving, diving air, weights and weight belts, continental breakfast, lunch, snacks, beverages, beer and wine.


Sept thru Nov
(5 days a week Thursday through Monday)
This is a one day trip


Departing from Emeryville, CA
6am - 6pm


"The Superfish"
The Superfish is the most successful Great White Shark dive boat operating in US waters and is a compilation of commercial capability and industrial strength with creature comforts. Equipped with modern electronic navigation equipment to meet the demands of operating safely and effectively in the offshore environment, the New Superfish has proven to be an excellent platform for both commercial and recreational activities. Our customers appreciate the New Superfish's size (54' feet), speed and maneuverability, while they enjoy her comfort and stability.

MV Superfish

Cage Dives:

All diving will be surface supplied or "Hookah" only. Water temperature averages 52 - 56 degrees F. Visibilty averages 20'. Our Farallon cage accommodates 4 divers at a time and rotations last approximately 30 minutes and alternating throughout the day. During the expedition, we utilize decoys to attract White Sharks to the surface and the cage. This method has proven very successful and is generally accepted for use inside a Marine Sanctuary.

Topside Observer:

By popular demand we now allow Topside Observers to join our Shark Diving expeditions. Topside Observers may be accompanying one or more of the cage divers or just coming along for the ride to enjoy all the islands' sights and sounds above the surface. Although being in the water and meeting a Great White Shark face to face is the ultimate experience, many of our shark encounters may be viewed from the surface. When natural predations occur, most of the feeding activity takes place on the surface in full view of everyone. Our Farallon expeditions are very educational and exciting for anyone who loves to be outdoors and on the ocean. During the trip we often encounter whales, porpoise and many other varieties of marine mammals and sea birds. To spend the day at South East Farallon island is an amazing experience that we wish more people could enjoy.

Farallon Great White and seal

Expedition Brief:

Witnessing a very large White Shark attack and consume a 200 to 300 lb. Elephant Seal is an extremely dramatic event. These predatory acts are bloody and violent. Though you may be observing this from the safety of the vessel, you may need to consider this aspect of your adventure and decide if this is an encounter you wish to experience. These events are purely natural and occur as part of the everyday life of these incredible animals. They are truly unforgettable.

Expeditions to the Farallon Islands are approximately 12 hours in duration and include an early morning continental breakfast, hearty lunch, snacks and beverages, aboard the expedition vessel, New Superfish. The New Superfish is a stable, comfortable vessel. The expedition accommodates small to medium size groups (5 to 17) providing a personal atmosphere of instruction and information concerning White Sharks. Our experienced professional crew has been conducting expeditions to the Farallons since 1998.