Shark Diving at Guadalupe Island

We started in 1998 with a simple idea - charter a boat and bring along some friends to find the greatest shark diving adventure on the planet.

Shark Diving at Guadalupe Island

Nautilus Belle Amie:

The "Nautilus Belle Amie" is the largest most luxurious live aboard shark diving vessel on Earth. At 140 feet long, 33 feet wide and 500 tons she is incredibly spacious and stable. Built in 2005 at Bollinger Shipyard USA, and completely refurbished in 2014 with a new interior and dive equipment.

Great White Shark Diving at Isla Guadalupe
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MV Solmar V:

The SOLMAR V holds 22 divers when full. Solmar V is a luxury live aboard for the discerning great white shark cage diver! More creature comforts to suit your needs.

MV Solmar V
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Nautilus Explorer:

The Nautilus Explorer. An ocean-going passenger certificate with full ISM, which is the same licence that is issued to the largest cruise ships with all sorts of additional stability, fire and safety requirements needing to be met. A sweet ship that our guests love and one of the highest client repeat ratios in the industry.

Great White Shark Diving at Isla Guadalupe
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Diving Cages

Cage Dives:

The cage diving at Guadalupe is bar none the greatest on the planet, with up to 100 feet + of visibility. The water temperature ranges from 67° to 72° F making this the ultimate White Shark destination, especially for the discriminating underwater photographer.

Expedition Brief:

Not only will you experience the best shark diving on the planet, you will also enjoy some world-class fishing. Guadalupe has long been known as a world-class sportfishing destination, famous for large Yellow Fin and Blue Fin Tuna and many other prized gamefish. Over the years this very remote island has become notorious for the abundance of White Sharks that like to steal these prized gamefish right off the hooks of the fishermen. They put on quite a spectacular show in the process.