Shark Diving at Isla Mujures, Mexico

We started in 1998 with a simple idea - charter a boat and bring along some friends to find the greatest shark diving adventure on the planet.

Shark Diving at Isla Mujures, Mexico

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Isla Mujures


Come join us in Mexico's Isla Mujeres to dive with one of the world's largest congregation of whale sharks in the world. We are hopeful this will be the trip of a lifetime for you.

Our trips are designed for photographers & videographers and those who truly love the ocean. We will make every effort to spend as much time in the water and create the best interactions possible with the whale sharks. That said, we are dealing with nature and there are no guarantees. We may have to work to find the sharks and there may be days when weather prevents us from even going out. For this reason, we need team players who are patient and contribute positively to the entire experience.

Our Whale Shark Expedition:

A typical day on the water looks like this: We depart at 7am sharp. If the whale sharks are aggregating in a consistent location, we are hopefully in the water by 8am. For the next hour or two, we typically have the whale sharks to ourselves. We work in groups of 3, rotating in/out of the water. The topside action is spectacular with incredible photo opportunities. In the water, if you haven't done this trip before, you will likely have more whale shark encounters within 5 minutes, than your entire prior experiences combined.

Words cannot describe the quantity and proximity of the whale sharks and the excitement you will feel! Around noon, most of the day boats have departed and we have another hour or two alone with the whale sharks. At 2pm, per the regulations, we are out of the water. After as many as 6 hours with the sharks, we turn south and head back to shore for a swim in the pool and island time.


$1,995 per person double Occupancy (add $300 for Single Supplement)


July only
Trip 1: July 16th – 21st, 2015 (Arrive on or Before July 16th & Depart on or after July 21st )

Trip 2: July 21st – July 26th (Arrive on or Before July 21st & Depart on or after July 26th ) 6 Days / 5 nights lodging 4 days on the water on our own 36' state of the art boat 2 shared golf carts for island exploration day and night Basic lunch, snacks, drinks on the boat. Limited to just 8 guests

Expedition Excludes
· Flights in/out of Cancun
· Ferries ($20) Food at local restaurants (approximately $25 per day)
· Airport to Ferry transfers ($60 each way)
· Crew Tip

Other Operators:

You may have noticed that day boats offer discounted trips to see the whale sharks in Isla Mujeres. To be clear, we are offering an entirely different standard of service and experience than these boats.

Essentially these are cattle boats which take 12 random customers or more for a brief encounter with the sharks. There is one guide per boat and only 2 guests are allowed in the water with the guide. The guests each spend perhaps 10 minutes in the water then rotate out. When everyone has had a turn, the trip is over and the boat departs, typically around noon. If the seas are rough at all, the boats do not venture into the blue, but instead head for green water where several dozen tour boats compete for a handful of whale sharks. Our guests are not looking for this kind of experience, however if you have doubts, we suggest you try the one day boats first!


We are staying at Playa La Media Luna which is where we have stayed before. It is located toward the northeast point of the island. The rooms are comfortable but basic and we reserve them as bookings are taken. You will need to indicate whether you want your own room or are sharing. The hotel has free wifi internet and a nice pool. Every afternoon we rinse and relax here after our day on the water.

Isla Mujures


Lunch and snacks are included on the boat free of charge. This consists of sandwiches, fruit, chips, bars, soft drinks, and water. You are responsible for your breakfast. Dinner is also separate and costs usually less than $25 each with drinks. Each evening we head out together and enjoy Mexican dining at any one of the fun restaurants on the island. Dinner is a great time where we catch up on the day's activities and share stories of our adventures.


Golf carts are the primary mode of transportation on this island. They are fun and efficient. They are also necessary as we are a good mile from the pier and need to transfer ourselves and camera gear, back and forth each day. As such, we rent golf carts for the group and the cost of these are included in your trip. We also use these to tour the island, to get to turtle nesting sites and to visit the turtle rescue and research center.


For those of you with cameras, you should know that strobes are not allowed and frankly not necessary either. Last year we shot everything without strobes using as wide lenses as possible.


A wetsuit is required the water is quite warm. We recommend a full suit (3mm or less). You likely will be swimming a LOT, so we recommend comfortable full-foot fins (leave your heavy/stiff open-heel fins at home) and neoprene socks. Bring plenty of sun lotion with high SPF as you will be exposed to lots of sun.


We will also arrange your shuttle from the airport to the Cancun/Isla Mujeres ferry. The shuttle takes about 30 minutes, and the ferry another 20 minutes to transfer you to the island.


The captain and first mate work extremely hard for us and do their best to deliver on expectations. Tips are a core part of their compensation. Tip is not included.

Additional side trips / evening events planned and reserved for our group: Turtles, Dolphin, Cave, ruins, and food tastings

Arrival Steps:

  • When you exit the airport, the driver will be holding a sign with your name on it.
  • Accompany the driver to the van where he will load the gear.
  • Present the driver with the transfer coupon that will be sent to you
  • The driver will take you the ferry.
  • Purchase round-trip tickets to Isla Mujeres (about $20)
  • The ferry departs every 30 minutes.
  • When you arrive in Isla Mujures, depart the ferry and walk left to the taxi area.
  • Hire a taxi for a very short drive Hotel Playa La Media Luna
  • Check in at the hotel and have the hotel notify your trip leader that you are here.
A few years ago Isla Mujeres was not known as a major whale shark destination. With aggregations exceeding several hundred whale sharks in blue water, word is getting out and this year we are sure many people will be there in hopes of seeing them.

Expedition Excludes:

  • Flights in/out of Cancun
  • Ferries ($20) Food at local restaurants (approximately $25 per day)
  • Crew Tip
Contact James at Shark Diving International for more details. Phone: 510-808-4499