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August/September 2007


The 2007 White Shark season is off to a record breaking start.
We have just returned from our fifth of twenty two trips scheduled for our 2007 Guadalupe island white shark season.
Our first white shark of 2007 arrived less than 40 minutes after the Solmar V anchor hit the bottom.
We had no less than six white sharks on our first day of the 2007 season and we have had sharks every day since the season started. Our 100% success rate is still going strong now, for nearly 100 trips to Gadalupe island.
We have sighted several new sharks as well as some of our long time favorite sharks. Patches and Cal Ripfin have returned right on schedule and they certainly acted as if they were happy to see us again. Patches (one of my personal favorite sharks) has visited us at Guadalupe every season for an amazing six years now.

Trip Report
August 18 - 25, 2007
Isla Guadalupe 2007 Trip #1 The White Sharks are Hungry White Shark Cage Diving History
Made at Guadalupe Island

Isla Guadalupe 2007 Trip #1
Terri Huber 1

Our opening day was nothing short of a stellar experience for everyone on board the Solmar.

We had sharks all day and perfect weather. Water visibility was 80 feet and water temp was 73 degrees.
The group was treated to having our first shark arrive during the very first check out dive. The first shark remained with us the entire day with several other sharks joining the party as the day progressed.
Day two began with the first shark arriving only minutes after we through the first bait out. We had no less than six sharks with us the rest of the day.
Day three was even better with several larger sharks in the 12 to 14 foot range taking baits all day.

The White Sharks are Hungry
poncho crane bait

There has not been very much tuna at Guadalupe so far this season and the sharks are so hungry that they are staying with us all day long taking baits.


We simply put the baits out, start the music and they arrive almost immediately.

We also have observed that there has been a great deal of shark on shark combat over the last few weeks. Many of the sharks have been bitten by other sharks. In the past several seasons we have witnessed many sharks having moderate to major injuries appear during the course of the season. However this season we have had 4 sharks with recent wounds in appear in the first couple of days.
It is not uncommon for white sharks to battle each other over territory or food sources, however with the absence of tuna and the population of white sharks at the island numerous, the sharks seem to be a little more competitive with each other resulting in violent assaults on several of the sharks by other sharks.

This is something we will be investigating further as the season progresses.

So stay tuned!

White Shark Cage Diving History
Made at Guadalupe Island
diver in cinema cage lores













White shark cage diving history was made recently at Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

The deepest cage dive with white sharks was successfully completed on August 22 2007.

The CEO of Shark Diving International and US cage diving pioneer Lawrence Groth and dive master Erick Higuera of the Solmar V crew made the record breaking dive.

The two intrepid shark divers made a record breaking cage dive to 100 feet using a specially designed shark cage. The "Cinema Cage" as it is called is designed specifically for operating large format cameras such as IMAX cameras so it has very large openings.

Both divers were equipped with wireless communications to remain in contact with the surface crew and both were operating High Definition cameras during the historical dive.

At 100 feet the divers encountered no less than seven White sharks at close range. "They were everywhere" stated Lawrence Groth as he returned to the surface to an awaiting group of excited clients. "We captured some of the most incredible white shark footage ever filmed" said Erick Higuera as he safely stepped back onto the deck of the luxury live aboard ship Solmar V.

The two divers filmed the entire experience and recorded some of the most dramatic white shark footage ever filmed. With several white sharks calmly swimming around the cage for the entire sequence.

"The sharks were really close as if they were much more comfortable with us at depth, away from the boat and far from the surface. It was the most incredible dive of my life" Lawrence said.

The following day the two divers descended again even deeper to 120 feet with similar results. "We are exploring with new techniques and successfully getting the results we are looking for. We want to observe white sharks in their natural environment and document it on film so we can share these magnificent animals with everyone." said Lawrence.

The two divers plan on making more deep dives when the conditions allow it.

The footage will be available on Shark Diving Internationals Best of 2007 White Shark Season DVD coming out in December.

Trip Report
August 18 - 25, 2007
Terri Huber 2

Guadalupe Island, Mexico
Solmar V
August 18 - 25, 2007
Great White Shark Cage Diving

I am sitting here trying to put into words what I have experienced during the last 5 days and finding it difficult to come up with anything more than "the thrill of a lifetime!"

Normal life is far from any description given to the last 5 days I have spent aboard the Solmar V in Guadalupe, Mexico where we came face to face with the awesome apex predator of the world's oceans - the Great White Shark.

After diving for 20+ years and never having had the opportunity to encounter such a beast, I jumped at the chance to join this charter. I had heard seeing a Great White Shark in the water was an unbelievable sight however stories from fellow divers and watching Shark Week did not come close to preparing me for the experience that I was about to embark.

After a night in San Diego, the next morning all passengers are transported across the border to Ensenada via a comfortable motor coach chartered bus. Once you arrive at the dock and passengers are boarded on the Solmar V, the boat departs for Guadalupe Island some 200 miles SW of Ensenada, Mexico. The crossing was calm and the captain spotted several Fin Back whales and much to our surprise, a Mola Mola. During the crossing, Lawrence Groth, CEO of Shark Diving International, gave us our briefing and told us what to expect from our week.

Arriving the next morning at Guadalupe Island we woke to find ourselves moored next to rock faced cliffs jutting out of the deep blue water. Within a half hour we already had our first shark with many more to follow. The first day brought calm, clear water with unbelievable action. Once the sharks familiarized themselves with the cages they continued to come closer and closer for our viewing pleasure. There is room for 4 divers at a time in each of the 2 cages. There are large openings in the front of the cage with more than enough room to put the camera housing out of the opening in order to be able to get great close up shots with an unobstructed view. As the week progressed, more and more sharks came to give us a show with very close encounters and some breaching for the bait right in front of our lenses.

One of the highlights (and there were many) of the trip was a new submersible cage that is lowered to 30 feet below the surface and accommodates 2 willing divers and one safety diver. This cage has very large openings and offers one of the greatest thrills a diver could ever hope for not to mention the excellent photo opportunities that the open area offers. However, no matter how much these great predators are portrayed as "man eaters", it was clearly evident that they had no interest in harming the divers in the cage. They often came in close to inspect us but turned away and swam off into the blue only to circle back around for several more passes.

They also seem to love hard rock music! AC DC to be more specific. There is a speaker lowered into the water just below the cages that is clearly heard on all the dives. As soon as the volume is cranked up the sharks appear. Some actually frequent the speaker and jaw and bump it with their nose.

Divers rotate in 1 hour intervals for cage time however if there is an open space(s) you can go back into the cage at any time. As the week went on and divers got cold there were more opportunities for repeat visits. All divers who wish to experience the submersible cage are rotated as well.

On this particular week, there was no "slack" days and every day offered lots of action both above and below the surface. On the last dive of the last day, a sea lion even showed up as if to say goodbye.

This is a trip not to be missed and is definitely one that you will not soon forget. It would be the highlight in anybody's log book and will never think of the Great White Shark in the same light again!

Many thanks to Lawrence and all the hard working crew of the Solmar V in providing us an unforgettable trip!

Terri Huber
Peter Hughes Diving


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