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August 2008


The Guadalupe shark season has started up at full speed!
We have just completed our fourth trip of the season, which was our 100th trip overall to this magnificent island. The sharks were waiting for us and the action has been incredible. We had seven sharks on our first trip and more than 15 on our fourth (100th) and the BIG boys showed up to help make our milestone momentous. We have had the island and our sharks all to ourselves and the weather has been absolutely perfect. We have enjoyed perfect crossings and some really excellent Blue whale encounters as we depart Ensenada.
The Solmar V was, as always, fresh out of the boatyard in perfect condition. Likewise, her crew was well- prepared and eager for another season of heart-racing adventures.

100% FOR 100
Luxury Shark Diving
We Can Make It Happen!
GWA Celebrates 10 Years at the Farallons Albino Whale Shark Found
by Our Very Own Deep Blue Crew

Luxury Shark Diving
We Can Make It Happen!
Albatross in flight

When you want to enjoy the world's ultimate shark diving experience, but you do not have 5 days to do it, just call us and set up a seaplane to take you to the Solmar V.
The finest shark diving vessel with the most experienced crew will soon be offering 2 and 3 day trips to Guadalupe via this beautiful classic aircraft.

On the 3rd trip of the 2008 season we sailed from Ensenada without any passengers. Our guests met us at the island after flying there in this gorgeous seaplane. We had 3 sharks waiting for them when they arrived.
We have an exclusive relationship with the owner and pilot. Shark Diving International will be the only operator to offer this elite service for our corporate clientele.

When you want the very best, there is only one team to call.
Call Shark Diving International!

GWA Celebrates 10 Years at the Farallons
island arch

In addition to reaching the historic achievement of conducting 100 Guadalupe expeditions, Great White Adventures also celebrates its 10th year of diving the Farallons. What started out as a personal adventure for Lawrence and his friends has turned into an eco-tour anyone can enjoy.

Over the past 10 years we've had numerous exceptional encounters from Orcas to great white shark on elephant seal predations to a white shark feeding frenzy on a dead Blue whale!

In the coming months our expedition vessel, the Superfish, will be adding new features that are sure to enhance the already fascinating voyage. We are pleased to announce the addition of a hot tub which will help offset the chill of the Northern Pacific ocean after a day of sharking. While kicking back in the newly-installed hot tub, you'll also be able to enjoy Champagne, California wine or locally-brewed beers. Soft drinks, juices and water are available, as well, of course.

The white shark action is already starting. Not only have sharks been spotted at the Farallons, but they're preying on elephant seals! What better way to treat yourself than to partake in 3 of life's indulgences: great white sharks, cold beverages and a hot tub! Don't miss out, join us for a day trip or two this fall!

Albino Whale Shark Found
by Our Very Own Deep Blue Crew
albino whale shark 3

My dear friend Antonio Moreano, whom I have been diving with for 6 years now, both in the Galapagos and Guadalupe, had a once in a lifetime dive off the eastern coast of Darwin Island recently.

Preparing to dive, they were still in the panga from the liveaboard Deep Blue when the shark's gigantic, pale form materialized. Antonio dove into the water with just mask and fins and managed, as the shark swam by, to momentarily stay with it and capture some incredible shots of the rarest of sea creatures. I have made 7 trips to Galapagos with Antonio and he has always shown me the most amazing animals. This could not have happened to a better dive guide.

Antonio immediately recognized the animal as a whale shark from its size - but thought it must be swimming upside-down to have been so white! The shark was identified as a female adult of 10m or more in length. Antonio did see her eye, which was also white. Experts have now concluded that the sighting was most probably "the first report of an albino whale shark, although occasional reports of other species of sharks have been documented".

Photography: Antonio Moreano

100% FOR 100
L with 2

I love this island and I really love these sharks!
Last year when I realized that we were rapidly approaching the significant milestone of completing our 100th expedition to this magical place, I said to myself, "Wow, I bet that will be a cool trip!" Well, I had no idea what an understatement that would turn out to be. Every year my brother books half the boat for his friends and clients. This year he called and asked what we had available. I told him all the open dates and pointed out the one that would be our 100th trip. He agreed that it sounded like a special trip and said to put him on it. That was how things started to come into focus for me. I was really looking forward to this trip. I tried not to hype it up too much. I just wanted to get back to Guadalupe and see my sharks.

When the day finally arrived I was excited. Most of the guests arrived at Ensenada the day before so we got to go out on the town and have a great dinner with some of the crew. We were ready and raring to go.

The crossing to the island was picture-perfect - calm seas and clear skies. As we approached the island, I saw a familiar vessel near pilot rock. It was the Searcher, there fishing on a 5-day trip out of San Diego. It was so cool to see her there as we have been going to Guadalupe on the Searcher since 2002 and most of the 100 trips were aboard her. I got to speak with Capt. Art Taylor on the VHF and he wished us well. He also stated that he was getting ready to leave as there were too many sharks around to get any good fishing done. I love that boat and her crew is some of the greatest mariners I know. It was going to be a great day!

Another good omen was the return of a dear old friend, Zapata. He swam up to the cage just as it was being deployed, 5 minutes after anchoring, and way before we started chumming. In fact, I was still doing the dive safety briefing. I knew that this was going to be an epic trip of biblical proportions.

We had a total of 15 individual sharks during our 3 days at the island. As always this time of year they were all males. On the second day, we were joined by an even larger brute than Zapata (who is all of 14 feet and really wide). The other sharks ranged from 5 to 10 feet. They would show up every morning at 6 A.M. as if on cue and the action would last until 5 or 6 P.M.

We have known Zapata for a few years now. In fact he joined Erick and me on our world-record deep dive last year. He likes to swim very close to our submersible cage so when we were down at 120 feet with this massive shark and 7 of his buddies it definitely made for an unforgettable experience. Zapata is also well-known for his breaching near the boat and our friend Wyland has previously captured video of him breaching right in front of the cages. It was nothing short of spectacular!

Zapata is a very intelligent shark. He leads his target when going after the hang baits. He aims for the buoy and when we pull at the last second, the bait usually ends up right where he wants it, in his mouth. If we are too slow and pull too late he gets the buoy. This was only our 4th trip of the season and we were not quite up-to-speed on our wrangling yet for a shark of Zapata's class. He bit 4 buoys on the second day Alone!

The cage action was non-stop for 3 days. Everyone including the crew spent literally hours in the water watching the astonishing display. The photos and video are just extraordinary. We had excellent visibility and bright sunshine all day, everyday. By dinner time everyone was ready to party and celebrate the amazing day.

With the island to ourselves, having friends and family on board, seeing the Searcher as we arrived and getting to speak with Capt. Taylor plus having one of my favorite sharks come to see me made this trip was one of, if not, the greatest trip of all time. A few of the guests that had not been on our trips before kept asking me, "Is it always like this?" I would just smile and say "Yeah, especially when Zapata is around".

I feel so lucky and honored to be where I am in my life. I have made so many great friends and shared so many priceless experiences with them.

I am living the dream!
Lawrence Groth

photos by Kat Fisher and Geronino Pangero Come join us this year for more epic white shark action!


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