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December 2007


The 2007 white shark season came to a spectacular end on November 27th.
We have just returned from our last of 21 trips made during the 2007 Guadalupe island white shark season.
We are starting our tiger shark trips December 12th so stay tuned for future trip reports. Thank you all who traveled with us in 2007. We look forward to seeing you again!

Have a safe and sharky holiday!
2007 White Shark
Season Report
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Shark Diving in Paradise
Fiji 2008
Cocos and Malpelo
Argos Expedition
2008 Galapagos Sky Dancer Expedition

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Shark Diving in Paradise
Fiji 2008

Ready to escape the cold and enjoy a nice tropical adventure? Join us for Shark Diving in Paradise 2008. This tropical shark adventure has it all:

BIG sharks, friendly people, luxurious resort, and some of the best scuba diving in the world! You can see as many as 8 different shark species on just one dive! Not only is this a fantastic shark diving experience, it is also a huge cultural experience. Non-diving activities include nightly entertainment such as fire walking and kava ceremonies, warrior dances and native music performances.

The Beqa Lagoon resort is located close to Fijian villages; we can arrange visits with local guides. Beqa Lagoon Resort private villas (called bures) are large and luxurious. Tucked in the coconut trees, just a few meters back from the beach, each bure is elegantly furnished with rattan and bamboo and decorated with colorful splashes of fabric and works of art. Every beach-front bure has its own spacious courtyard with a plunge pool and bamboo fence to ensure your privacy.

Cocos and Malpelo
Argos Expedition

Join us for an incredible adventure to Cocos and Malpelo islands on the newly refitted Argos. The Undersea Hunter fleet's latest addition.

The R/V Argos will begin operations in early 2008. This vessel is currently undergoing complete renovation and modernization. The Argos will be the new submarine support vessel in the Undersea Hunter fleet. The Argos will not only have all new cabins, but will also have brand new galley and salon areas. The Undersea Hunter fleet is known for its classy and roomy accommodations and the Argos will be no exception.

May 24th to June 6th

Enjoy some of the best shark diving in the world at Cocos and Malpelo. These islands are famous for the incredible shark populations. You will see large schools of hammerhead sharks. You can turn up the adrenaline with amazing night dives featuring hunting whitetip reef sharks. You may encounter whale sharks too!

The Argos will be fitted to carry the submersible DEEPSEE.

2008 Galapagos Sky Dancer Expedition

We have the beautiful Sky Dancer booked for peak whale shark season in 2008, 2009 and 2010. The pride of the Peter Hughes fleet is the perfect vessel for our Galapagos expeditions.

With a very spacious dive deck and plenty of storage space the Sky Dancer makes everything easy. Oh, and don't forget the trademark 'Hot Towel and Beverage' served upon returning from the dives!

The cabins are spacious and comfortable with private baths and storage. When you consider spending 7 magnificent days in the Galapagos you should be sure that you will be very comfortable and get lots of rest as we do nearly 5 dives every day. Your only problem will be deciding to get out of a perfectly comfortable bed and jump in the ocean. But then the thought of seeing a massive whale shark up close and personal makes that an easy call :-)

On the Sky Dancer you will enjoy gourmet meals and exotic refreshments from all over the globe. There are always fresh fruit and vegetables available all day. The meals are a fabulous international cuisine with 3 full meals served with artistic presentation daily with plenty of snacks and special deserts served nightly.

Remember the other half of your dive trip to the Galapagos is about the topside scenery! You will be able to relax and soak in the equatorial sunshine and enjoy the enchanting views of the Galapagos from Sky Dancer's spacious sundeck.

Here is what our Galapagos trips are all about! WHALE SHARKS! We have prime dates for visiting Wolf and Darwin islands. This is where for the last 5 years we have encountered some of the largest whale sharks in the world!

There is nothing quite like swimming next to the largest fish on the planet. You will experience something that very few people ever will. It will be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life!

There are many other animals to see and enjoy! The Galapagos is one of the best places in the world to see schooling Hammerhead sharks too!

If you are an amateur or professional photographer or simply a shark fan you need to make at least one trip to the Galapagos in this life! There is no other place where you can witness such a diverse population of wildlife!

Join Us for the trip of a lifetime!
October 19 - 26, 2008
$3890.00 per person
7 nights on the Sky Dancer
All diving, tanks, weights, food
Domestic Airfare
Chamber fees
National Park Fee
Fuel Surcharge

2009 Dates Now On Sale:
Aug. 30 - Sept 6, 2009
Sept 6 - Sept 13, 2009
Price $4685.00

And 2010 Dates Now on Sale:
Sept 26 - Oct. 3, 2010
Oct 10- Oct 17, 2010
Price TBD
Call 888-814-8256

2007 White Shark
Season Report
terri 3

The 2007 white shark season was one for the record books. We literally broke every record we had established in the past and then wrote some new ones.

For the Guadalupe Island expeditions we completed a total of 21 trips in just 115 days, from August 3rd to November 27th. No other operator has ever completed that many trips in a single season. We now have completed a total of 96 trips to Guadalupe Island, nearly twice as many as any other operator. Most importantly our 100% safety record is still intact.

The 2007 Guadalupe trips were by far the most successful trips in history.
We actually had white sharks all day, every day the entire season. We averaged 5 to 7 individual white sharks per day and 10 to 12 individual white sharks per trip. We did observe a record total of 20 individual white sharks on a single trip in August, but we also had a record total of 16 individual sharks in just one day on November 25th.

The Guadalupe white shark population appears to be steadily growing and the sharks look to be in good health and very active. We did see many of our favorite sharks again this year. Patches was around from early August until mid-October (this was Patches' 6th year with us). Cal Ripfin was seen on nearly every trip right up to our very last trip in November. Zapata, Top Notch, CC (Cut Caudal), Rock Star, Scrapper, Tagger, Louis Jr., Bite Head #1 and Bite Head #2 were all seen regularly throughout the season, to name a few. There were many new sharks this year, which is always very exciting for us. We will be updating the database over the next few weeks and will have a new total population count by early next year.

Over the past seven years we have been observing the seasonal population patterns of the Guadalupe white sharks and there is definitely a consistent distribution of the sexes at the island over the 4 months we are there. Invariably we have observed only male sharks in the early season and we do not see any female sharks until late September or early October. Accordingly, on our first Solmar V trip in early August we had our first white shark within 40 minutes and within 2 hours we had 5 white sharks, all males. By mid-October we observed a definite shift in the balance with more female sharks arriving. Finally, by late November the majority had switched to more female than male sharks.

On October 4th we witnessed a predation event on a young elephant seal by a large white shark. This feeding event began with a subsurface attack and the e-seal was beheaded on the first strike. We noticed a large blood stain forming on the surface close to shore and only 100 yards from the Solmar V. Geronimo and I jumped into our inflatable skiff and sped over to the scene. I was able to film most of the event from a safe distance considering we were in an inflatable boat. However, the local fishermen and researchers were also alerted to this happening and they raced over to the scene as well. The research boat got way too close and the shark, defending its kill, attacked the fiberglass panga chasing them off to a safer distance before returning to consume its well- earned meal. The feeding lasted approximately 10 minutes. (I will have the video of this up on the websites soon).

Even though we see these regularly at the Farallon Islands we have only documented two e-seal and one fur seal predations at Guadalupe Island. We know that white sharks do prey on marine mammals at Guadalupe, but so far no one has been able to document any instances probably because they occur more often down deep or at night.

On November 4th we had an incident that was pretty darned exciting. CC, or Cut Caudal, one of our regular sharks, accidentally ran into one of the main cages on the Searcher. CC came up nearly vertical about 20 feet away from the cage and grabbed one of the hang baits, which he is known to do on a regular basis. However, on this particular day he swam right into the portside cage's viewing window. As CC took the bait he instinctively rolled his eyes back, couldn't see where he was going and accidentally swam directly into the viewing window. CC's entire head went inside the cage and he was stopped just short of his pectoral fins. Well, we all know that white sharks have no reverse and CC was too far in to turn around. He tried to turn, but he could not quite get his snout to clear the corner. He rolled on his side and began to thrash up and down trying to free himself. Being a rather large white shark he just ended up making the opening bigger by simply removing the front of the cage so he could get out of the cage. CC literally removed all the lower front vertical bars and the horizontal bar that connects all of the vertical bars to the main frame of the front cage panel and then swam away. What was amazing is that it took only about 10 seconds to do this. What was even more amazing was that there were 2 divers in the cage at the time and they thought that this was the coolest thing they had ever experienced and walked away completely unscathed. The divers also said that CC was just fine too!

We were all very relieved that no one was injured. We were also pleased that our divers listened to the safety briefing prior to diving and followed the instructions and evacuated the cage when this incident occurred. One diver utilized the emergency escape hatch and somehow managed to film the entire event. We learned something from this and we will take appropriate measures to prevent this from happening again.

When we said, "You can get face-to-face with the ultimate predator" this is not what we had in mind!

The Searcher's cages are 6 years old now and we have learned a great deal since we first built them. We are going to take this opportunity to design and build new state-of-the-art cages that will be safer and stronger. We will unveil the new cages in spring 2008.

All in all this was an incredible season and we are very happy to have our 100% safety record still intact.


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