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January 2009


We wish all of our Shark Fans a very Happy New Year!
2009 has been declared "Year of the shark" by shark conservationists from around the world. We will continue to do our part by continuing dive operations at all of our destinations around the world, educating as well as standing guard as we have for the last 10 years.
But this year we have decided to take a giant step into another avenue of shark conservation/activisim. We have some exciting plans that we will be implementing in the very near future.
Check out The Shark Safe Project.
We would like to invite all of our Shark Fans to get involved.

Hits San Francisco's Chinatown
2009 Guadalupe Expeditions
Meet the Team at Our World Underwater 8 Day Oceanic White Tip Shark Expedition

2009 Guadalupe Expeditions

We are all very aware of our current economic situation here in the USA.
We want to do everything we can for you, so you can take your shark trip with us this year.

We at Shark Diving International and Great White Adventures are offering special pricing and payment options for all of you Shark Fans that wish to join us on our 2009 Guadalupe Expeditions.

We are offering monthly payment options with discounts to make it easier for all of you to make it out with us this season. Book now with a 10% deposit down and just make easy "no interest" monthly payments! Putting aside as little as $14.00 per day and making low monthly payments makes much more sense.

Groups can also save $200.00 just by booking before March 1.
There are a few options to choose from to meet your needs. Just contact us and we will work out the details.

Meet the Team at Our World Underwater
owu logo2

Our World-Underwater is in it's 39th year and is the oldest, continuous running scuba diving events in North America!

Come see us at Booth #802

Our very own Shark Diving International Super Star Film makers Joe Romeiro & Bill Fisher will be featured during the Saturday night Film Festival with their new release
" Death of a Diety "
Submerge into the world of the shark and see why they are in desperate need of our help.

The Exhibit Floor features hundreds of booths from dive travel, equipment manufacturers, environmental and training agencies and retailers. This year, we welcome many new exhibitors to the show.

Attendees will be treated to many Seminar Rooms throughout Saturday and Sunday that will cover Dive Travel, Underwater Shipwrecks and Archeology, Dive Medicine, Our Changing Underwater Environment and Extremes. These Seminars will take you from exotic dive destinations, to surreal shipwrecks of years past, being a safer diver by understanding the physical affects diving may have on your body and learning what you can do to help improve and save our aquatic environment.

8 Day Oceanic White Tip Shark Expedition
close up profile

Get ready for some serious offshore shark action on this expedition.
Not many of our Shark Aficionados have been diving with this species.

This extreme 8 day expedition is on board the M/V Shearwater.
May 5 to 13.
Departing 7am May 5 out of West Palm Beach, FL.
Returning 9am May 13.
The trip is limited to only 8 divers.
Cost $4900.00
There are already only 5 spots left!

Read the 2008 trip report from Eric Cheng

above photos Jim Abernethy

Join expedition leader Lawrence Groth.
"This is an incredible opportunity to dive with and photograph these amazing and endangered animals.
So lets gear up and get into the action!"

However this trip is also famous for the PIGS!
Yes you read it correctly!

photo Eric Cheng

After several days diving the deep blue waters offshore, we will stop by and visit this now famous Pig Beach and play with the piggies.

What else could you ask for?
Warm Deep Blue Ocean, Big Rare Sharks and PIGS!

Hits San Francisco's Chinatown
shark safe logo w text

The Shark Safe Project is starting 2009 "The Year of the Shark" with a protest demonstration in San Francisco's Chinatown on January 25th and 26th (Chinese New Year).
Please join us as we will be picketing several establishments including restaurants that serve shark fin soup and shark fin markets.

Bowl of shark fin soup (contains mercury, mmmm!)

This is intended to be a peaceful demonstration yet an aggressive protest to convince these establishments to cease offering all shark products.

This is what is left behind to make soup.

We will be carrying signs and handing out leaflets (written in English and Chinese). Our immediate goal is to educate the local population of the dangers of consuming shark fins and the devastation that shark fining is causing to our oceans. Hopefully convincing many local citizens to stop consuming shark fin soup and other shark products and to stop patronizing establishments that offer such products. Our long- term goal will be to have city ordinances passed that will prohibit the import and distribution of all shark products in the city of San Francisco. Making San Francisco the first "Shark Safe" city in the USA.

One tiny boat and one days work.

Those of you that cannot attend the demonstration can still participate by calling the restaurants listed on the Shark Safe Blog site. You may call each restaurant and voice your concerns about their serving shark fin soup and or make a reservation for a small party for dinner at a certain time. Then call back 10 minutes before your reservation time and cancel your reservation and explain that you are doing so because that establishment chooses to serve shark fin soup and that you will be patronizing a different establishment that does not serve shark fin soup.

Thousands of shark fins ready to go to markets all over the world.

When calling these restaurants please be firm but polite and simply voice your opinions. Please do not make any threats or speak harshly to the employee that answers the phone, as they more than likely are not the actual proprietor who makes up the menu or purchases the supplies for the restaurant. Being rash or vulgar will not do our cause any good and in fact would be detrimental to our cause.

100,000,000 sharks are killed every year for soup.

Shark Safe Project's ultimate goal is to seriously decrease if not eliminate the demand for shark fins globally. It may take one person at a time, one store at a time, one street at a time, one city at a time but we must start somewhere! We are choosing to start in San Francisco as it is home of the largest Chinatown outside of Asia.


We will are currently bulding a website for the Shark Safe project. We are temporarily using the blogspot until the site is complete.
But be on the look out for
Shark Safe is a non-profit 501 3(c) corporation .


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