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July 2007


The 2007 White Shark season is finally upon us. We are all very excited about the upcoming season. Personally, I cannot wait to see my tiburon blanco amigos and amigas. The first trip departs on August 4th. Look for Guadalupe trip reports coming soon!
We just returned from our 2007 Cocos expedition. We had a wonderful trip on the Undersea Hunter. Read the trip report by Sarah Whittemore.

Cocos Trip Report
July 2007
2007 White Shark Season
Opens August 4th
New Great White Shark Awareness Distinctive Specialty Certification BOOK YOUR COCOS MALPELO

2007 White Shark Season
Opens August 4th
webshark jaws

Get ready Shark Fans, the 2007 White Shark season is about to begin.

We are nearly sold out on many trips.

If you want to meet a White Shark face to face...

SAVE $200.00 on select dates, Call for info.

On August 4th the Solmar V departs for Guadalupe on the first expedition of 2007. We have a total of 22 trips scheduled to Guadalupe this year.

The Searcher will begin shark diving operations at Guadalupe on October 13th and we will complete the season on December 2nd.

New Great White Shark Awareness Distinctive Specialty Certification
project aware

Shark Diving International and Great White Adventures has been awarded our very own Diver Distinctive Specialty certification from PADI.

Developed by our very own James Moskito this exclusive certification can only be offered by Shark Diving International and Great White Adventures crew.
During your White Shark Expedition with us you may take the course which includes topics such as:

  • White Shark Biology and Distribution
  • Nomenclature & Taxonomy
  • White Shark Markings & Morphology
  • Feeding & Reproduction
  • Photo Identification

By completing this course you will come away with the latest white shark scientific data and biological information.

Be one of the first divers in the world to obtain this very unique certification. This C - card will be the envy of all your dive buddies!

This specialty course is ONLY available from Shark Diving International and Great White Adventures!


Join us for an incredible adventure to Cocos and Malpelo islands on the newly refitted Argos. The Undersea Hunter fleet's latest addition.

The R/V Argos will begin operations in early 2008. This vessel is currently undergoing complete renovation and modernization. The Argos will be the new submarine support vessel in the Undersea Hunter fleet. The Argos will have not only all new cabins but will also have brand new galley and salon areas. The Undersea Hunter fleet is known for its classy and roomy accommodations and the Argos will be no exception.


Enjoy some of the best shark diving in the world at Cocos and Malpelo. These islands are famous for the incredible shark populations. You will see large schools of hammerhead sharks. You can turn up the adrenaline with amazing night dives with hunting whitetip reef sharks. You may encounter whale sharks too!

The Argos will be fitted to carry the submersible DEEPSEE.

You will have the opportunity to experience dives in the DEEPSEE to view some of the world's rarest sharks and many other amazing deep water creatures.


Fisherman escapes from shark attack off San Mateo County coast A series of bite marks from a shark can be seen near the nose of this kayak. Photo courtesy of Doug Mar

Cocos Trip Report
July 2007
Hammerhead 1

Trip report by Sarah Whittemore
Photos by Aaron Whittemore

Even before I became a diver, my father would take great joy in telling me fantastic tales about Cocos Island. He often called it the best diving destination in the world, praising the multitudes of life and claiming that a diver in Cocos was likely to suffer whiplash from trying to decide what to look at first. I was fascinated but a little skeptical, so when I found myself bound to Cocos on the Undersea Hunter, I was eager to see whether the stories could possibly be true. The thirty-six hour traveling period gave the crew and passengers a good chance to get acquainted and acted as the foundation for a good-natured rivalry between the blue and yellow diving teams or, as they came to be known, the Whale Shark and Whale- Sharks-Mating teams. Our first dive was a shallow checkout dive, which many of us believed would be tame and relaxing-we were wrong. Within the first minute, dozens of white tips, eels, turtles, flounder, and other huge schools of fish greeted us. Just like the stories, I found myself in danger of whiplash that is, until the hammerheads showed up.

When a properly stealthy dive style was employed-Juan Manuel aptly christened it the "James Bond Diving Technique"-close up encounters with these amazingly beautiful and powerful sharks could follow. After that first amazing dive, it was hard to believe that things could get much better, but Cocos continued to surprise and impress. Every dive that week sported several white tips and an abundance of marine creatures. Throughout the week, we spotted blacktips, silkies, silvertips, and Galapagos sharks. Alcyone quickly became a favorite site, especially for the blue team, after a particularly awesome dive yielded schools of jacks, marbled rays, white tips, hundreds of hammerheads schooling overhead, and a brief encounter with a pod of dolphins.

It was Alcyone that provided the trip's photographers with opportunities to capture the prized silhouette shot of the hammerhead schools. And, although the yellow team won the whale shark-spotting competition at a site named Small Dos Amigos, it was Alcyone that allowed the blue team to win back their pride with a whale shark sighting of their own. Another memorable dive was the white tip night dive at Manuelita Coral Gardens. Each night, hundreds of white tip sharks would gather to hunt for reef fish; the swirling stream of predators stalking prey and maneuvering into impossibly tight cracks in the coral was an incredible sight. Other highlights included mantas, devil rays, red- lipped batfish, eagle rays, and box crabs.

Memorable surface intervals included sunset and beach tours, an adventurous hike to a gorgeous waterfall with a refreshing swimming spot under the spray, and, back on Costa Rican mainland, a thrilling zipline tour through the rainforest. The crew was attentive and skilled, the passengers an amusing and dynamic group, the boat comfortable, the diving spectacular, and the sharks simply amazing. If anything, Cocos was even better than the stories. Book your 2008 Cocos and Malpelo trip here



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