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July/August 2008


The 2008 White Shark Season is about to begin!
We wish to thank all of our loyal "Shark Fans" out there who have supported us over the last 10 years. We at Shark Diving International and Great White Adventures are proud to have had so many great people travel with us all over the world to dive with sharks. The 2008 season is a tremendous milestone for us. We have been operating for 10 years now! Since 2001 we've journeyed to Guadalupe 96 times. We will celebrate our 100th expedition to Guadalupe with the August 14 departure. All of you have made us the #1 White Shark operator in North America and one of the best in the world.
This newsletter is dedicated to you.

Here's to you, our 7000+ Shark Fans
We salute you!
Some of our most exciting shark photos from the past "SHARK WEEK"

Here's to you, our 7000+ Shark Fans
We salute you!
Law and Bill F









Lawrence, Bill Fisher, Eric B.
Bill Fisher has been on 4 Guadalupe, 1 Fiji and 1 Bahamas trips. Bill has also written several articles that have been published in Shark Diver Magazine. GET DOWN BRO!

It is our great pleasure to express our gratitude to all of you who have made us so successful over the past 10 years. With over 7000 friends that have traveled with us, all of you have become part of our family.

Lance A. Well if you have met Lance on any of our trips, you undoubtedly have a story to tell, or if he wasn't on your trip everybody was probably telling stories about him! 10 Farallon, 6 Guadalupe, 1 Fiji, 1 Cocos, 2 Bahamas, and pretty much every party we have ever thrown since 2003. He is a brilliant videographer and the friendliest guy you would ever want to know. If there are good times to be had you will probably find Lance in the middle of the action!

May the sharks always be with you, Bro!

Joe R. has been shark diving with us since 2004. He's accompanied us on 3 Guadalupe, 1 Socorro, 1 Fiji and 1 Bahamas trips. He's spent many years diving off of Rhode Island, as well. Joe is an amazing videographer and editor. He has a fantastic shark documentary coming out soon. We will let you all know when it is released.
Joe is the MAN!

Our very own Dr. Bruce Watkins. Bruce was on our very first trip to the Farallons and has been back countless times since. He is actually coming on our first trip of this season. He is a great friend and colleague. To his credit: Magazines/Journals - 314 articles published in major National/International magazines 73 Scientific Journal Publications, 5 patents. Over 1000 photographs in magazines/books/advertisements worldwide including: National Geographic Books, Ocean Realm, Newsweek, San Francisco Chronicle, Outside.

Linda R. has spent her last 5 birthdays with us at Guadalupe on the Searcher. What flavor cake would you like this year, Linda? We love ya!

Sy R. has made 3 trips with us and celebrated his 80th birthday on his last trip. Sy tells me that he keeps coming back just for the sharks and the adventure. Yeah right!

Steve and Julie took a few days off in 2007 from rescuing dolphins to hang out with us on the Solmar V. Steve shot the images of Lawrence rescuing Bandit back in 2005.

Some of our most exciting shark photos from the past
Ted Sheigh

Over the years we have had many professional photographers on our expeditions, but we have to say that some of the most exciting images have come from our shutterbug friends.




Ted S. took this stunning image back in 2002.





Chris H. took this now world-famous pic back in 2003. Chris is a California firefighter and he is heading to the Galapagos with us this October.

Kike Kalvo took this amazing shot in 2003.

Dean Karr's favorite shot!

Ian Lauder captured this just after Lawrence had to push the shark off of the cage with Giordian R.

Robert C's tiger close-up! Dude, you might want to duck! Oh did I mention Robert is 6'7"?


You might be getting all psyched up to watch another Shark Week on TV next week. Or, if you are a real shark aficionado you may be planning to steer well- clear of cable television's longest-running programming event. SHARK WEEK kicks off Sunday, July 27, at 9PM ET/PT with Mythbusters: Shark Special. This two-hour special follows the MythBusters as they hit the deep blue to take a bite out of shark folklore. Among the myths tackled in this special: "Do dogs attract sharks?" "Do the vibrations caused by a flapping injured fish attract sharks?" The show's climax features the construction of a 16-foot robo shark.

GWA weighs in: Sounds like the same old stuff that we see every year: "the world's worst shark attacks", "the most dangerous sharks," and, yes, again this year another ROBO SHARK!!! WTF! Hey, they are even going to have a ROBO DOG! Yeah, that's right a ROBO DOG. Let's see, if we put a mechanical dog in the middle of the ocean (where we see so many dogs) will a shark attack it? Are they really presenting this as science? YES, they are!

Monday, July 28, will feature Surviving Sharks at 9 PM, hosted by Survivorman's Les Stroud, and Day of the Shark at 10 PM., a special chronicling real shark attacks.
GWA: You all might like to know that we here at Great White Adventures were solicited to do this gig at Guadalupe island. We wholeheartedly declined to put mannequins and kayaks in the water to see what GWS's like to attack more. Yeah, that's right we told these BOZOS to get lost and find some other JOE and to take their stupid script and ridiculous stunts somewhere else. And they did - to the Bahamas!

Tuesday will kick off with Dirty Jobs: Greenland Shark Quest and How Not to Become Shark Bait, which will give us advice about how to avoid becoming dinner when swimming in the ocean. GWA: We are big fans of Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch, and it could be a good opportunity to showcase a lesser known shark. However, we will not be watching a show whose title refers to humans as shark bait, and whose goal is to "test how hard it is to get bitten by a shark".

Thursday will bring Mysteries of the Shark Coast, profiling Australia's northeastern coastline, home to more sharks than anywhere in the world, but where sharks are also disappearing at a rapid rate. GWA: Could be a winner!

Throughout the week, Discovery will run public-service announcements for the Ocean Conservancy, educating viewers about threats facing sharks. Well, that sounds like Discovery has been under a little pressure from who else? Shark lovers like our loyal shark fans and our friends at the Shark-L group. Good work people!
Last year's Shark Week was watched by 27.2 million viewers, the most successful Shark Week to date. This goes to show you that the average American still only wants to see KILLER SHARKS of Jaws fame. Unfortunately, that fear has been embedded in our minds since the 70s. Now with most of the sharks in the world floating in Asian soups, we are left building "ROBO SHARKS" and I'll give another loud "WTF"!!!!

If you would like to boycott "Shark Week" like many of our friends have been for the last few years, You have options! You could enjoy your very own shark week and join us on an expedition to Guadalupe! Or you could check out the many great videos on the market that DO show sharks in a positive manner, like our friends at Status productions (click the link below or the photo link above)
You can see some really cool shark videos by the Shark Task Force:


..........THE IMAGE THAT SAYS IT ALL!......
Bobby M. 6 Guadalupe, 3 Fiji, 2 Bahamas, and an upcoming Galapagos trip. You Rock, Bobby!

Heidi, Lawrence and Angie in Fiji. Heidi has been on 2 Farallons, 3 Guadalupe, 2 Fiji, 1 Bahamas and heading to Galapagos in October. Angie has been on 3 Guadalupe and 1 Fiji trips and will also join us in Galapagos. We have shared some of the sharkiest days in our history.
You two can dive with us anywhere, anytime!

Kat Fisher 20+ Guadalupe, 1 Cocos, 1 Socorro,1 Sardine run , 3 Bahamas, 10+ Farallon, 3 Fiji and 2 Galapagos trips. She is the classiest diver I have ever met. Not only has Kat dived everywhere, she has incredible good luck whenever she is in the water. Kat is the only diver in the world to film a complete white shark breach from our submersible cage. Kat has now become one of our expedition leaders and we are extremely proud to have her on our crew!
The COOLEST Shark Chick Ever!

Jean Groth (shown here with me, Wyland, and Kat in Key West)
1 Farallon, 1 Guadalupe, 1 Fiji and 1 Galapagos trip.
My mom has seen more sharks than anyone I know without ever blowing a bubble! She went on only one Farallon trip November 19, 2001. She saw 3 white sharks, 12 Orca and 6 Blue Whales. She also saw the Orca attack and kill a white shark that day. I guess she realized that was the best Farallon trip ever and did not need to go back. She is my favorite shark fan of all and without her none of this could have happened.
Thank you, Mom. I am living the Dream!

George Schellenger has been with us since 2003 with 2 Guadalupe, 1 Fiji and 1 Bahamas trips and many other sharky adventures around the globe. George is the mastermind behind the "SHARK TASK FORCE" along with his brother Jon. George also gets us VIP passes to Space Shuttle launches. After all he is the Space Shark!
Love you, Bro!

Amie and Chris are now married with a little help from GWA.
Good times!

Wyland, who is the official artist of the Olympic Games in Bejing, is currently painting his 100th Whaling Wall 3 miles of the Great Wall of China with 250 kids from around the world!

Norb Wu and Eric Cheng. Working with these guys is both fun and an honor! They wrote the book on u/w photography.

Mauricio Handler is a great photographer and friend. Mauricio and Julia and all of their friends are a lot of fun!

Ted S. (Left) and the late Rick Aidan Martin (right).
We miss you, Rick.

Wayne L., Brady Smith and Lawrence on the Searcher at Guadalupe. You have probably seen Brady on TV. He has been in many TV commercials and shows from Dr. Scholl's to Beneful dog food. He even played a cop who was murdered on CSI: Miami. Brady was also responsible for our T-shirt art for years.
Thank you, Brady!

Nick Caloyianis
We worked with Nick on the Robert Rodriguez film shoot at Guadalupe and we have been good friends ever since. Recognized as one of the leading underwater cameraman and filmmakers in the world today, Nick's accomplishments are many. Nick has over 30 National Geographic documentaries to his credit, as well as numerous other satisfied broadcast and commercial clients. Nick's outstanding camera work has garnered numerous awards, including several Emmys, Cine Golden Eagles, an Oscar, and the Earthwatch Award.

Dean Karr. Dean has been on 6 Guadalupe trips now and is coming again this year. He came to us after 2 unsuccessful trips to Australia. Dean has made a name for himself directing music videos for famous rock bands such as Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osborne, Slayer, Pantera, Iron Maiden, and of course Great White just to name a few.
Dean, you know you ROCK!

Papa, Bat and Wayne Guadalupe back in the early days - 2002, 2003. Wayne also did the Sardine Run with us in 2006.
Wayne knows how to have a good time!

Kim and Tina H. come all the way from Denmark to dive with us at both Guadalupe and the Farallons. Kim has written a few articles about us in Denmark's diving magazine.
Thank you Kim and Tina see you next year!

Dr. Guy Harvey, Phd. Guy is not only a world-renowned artist but an outstanding conservationist for the world's oceans. Guy also did our logo for Shark Diving International.
Guy and his son Alex are some of our favorite adventurers!

Bob Talbot. Bob has become a great friend and associate. His art and films are respected and appreciated around the world. Bob is responsible for some of the world's greatest images of marine mammals including Orca, whales, dolphins and sea otters. Bob has also made some incredible IMAX movies. Joining us again this year, we know it is going to be exciting and fun as always.

Robert C. and Julia G. have been to Guadalupe and Fiji and are coming to the Bahamas next year. Robert has a knack for getting THE shot in the middle of Beqa Lagoon tiger shark chaos. Bula Vinaka!

Sun, Sea, Sharks, Bikinis and Good Times!.
Our job does not suck!
JOIN the Greatest Shark Fans on the Planet!


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