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June 2008


We have just returned from or Shark Diving in Paradise Fiji 2008 trips. Fiji is just one of those places that gets better every year. The massive bull sharks of Beqa Lagoon showed up in full force with as many as 40 bull sharks on one day. See trip report from Robert Cantrell

We are now preparing for the 2008 White Shark season to begin. We are less than 60 days from the start of the Guadalupe Island White Shark opening day.
Fiji 2008
Trip Report
Great White Shark Season 2008
GALAPAGOS 2008 and 2009
Meet the Team at SCUBA SHOW
Long Beach, June 21,22

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We are very happy to announce that we have partnered up with Bottom Crawlers of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
We still have our classic Guy Harvey Logo apparel as well as some new custom designed styles shown below.
Camp Shirt
Stylized Great White circle by Shark Diving International, Awesome! is the best way to explain these shirts with big embroidered logo on the back. Classy, elegant and yet extremely masculine SHARK on a great Navy Cabana (Camp) Shirt. Embroidered on back of a Bill Blass shirt. 60% Rayon, 40% Polyester, extra soft feels like silk, sand-washed finish. No ironing if pulled from the dryer! Wears like a t-shirt, but looks like a million. S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL. But you won't because you will love this shirt! They run large order one size down if you are close to a size. They wear as well as that other Ocean Lovers Shirt but at half the cost. S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL $65.95

SHARK JUNKIE, says everything it needs to. Large across your chest but with a fresh and simple way to scream it out. Charcoal Heather color, sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL Hanes tagless, heavyweight (6.1 oz) 100% preshrunk cotton.

Shark Diving has subtle tones screen printed and Shark Diving International with a Stylized Great White embroidered on the right chest in taupes. Great Style, grown-up colors and awesome sharks. Rather be Shark Diving. Hanes T-shirt in Dark Brown, sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3X heavyweight 100% preshrunk cotton, standard fit.

Shark Diving International's Logo-ed Baseball Cap. The 100% cotton brushed canvas in Navy with a contrasting white visor edge and self-fabric snap strap.

A Stylized Great White Shark circled by Shark Diving International that is embroidered on to a Navy Baseball Cap. The 100% cotton brushed canvas in Navy with a contrasting white visor edge and self- fabric snap strap.


Great White Shark Season 2008
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The 2008 White Shark Season is just around the corner. This season will be especially exciting for us as we will be celebrating our 100th expedition to Guadalupe Island. The August 14th trip is the official 100th expedition but we will be celebrating the entire season with commemorative GWA shark wear and some very cool new equipment

The trips are filling up so if you want to go this year you need to book soon!

GALAPAGOS 2008 and 2009

Join us for the most incredible scuba diving adventure expeditions in the world. Come with us to the "Galapagos Islands".

We have exclusive dates for Whale Shark season aboard the finest vessels available in the Galapagos.

Sky Dancer 2009

  • August 30 to September 6 2009
  • September 6 to September 13 2009

$4290.00 upperdeck cabin
$4090.00 main deck cabin
includes chamber fee, Natl Park fee, Fuel surcharge, airfare (Guyaquil to Galapagos)

Deep Blue 2008

  • Sept 1 - 8 (6 spaces left)
  • Oct 27 - Nov 4 (4 spaces left)

Boat only Pricing $3195 or $3395 pp depending on the cabin plus a fuel surcharge of $150 per person.
These are the last spots to Galapagos and will be gone very fast!

Meet the Team at SCUBA SHOW
Long Beach, June 21,22

We are looking forward to seeing all of our West Coast shark fans at the up coming Scuba Show at the Long Beach Convention Center Booth #212/214

Stop by to meet the Team and check out some our latest HD footage from our trips around the world! You can also get your hands on some of our "NEW" SDI/GWA shark wear.

Fiji 2008
Trip Report

Our journey begins in Los Angeles. We leave on a 747, and after a day of travel, arrive by boat at Beqa Island, Fiji, population 160. We are here to experience the adventures that Fiji will offer to us lead by Lawrence Groth of Shark Diving International.

Diving begins on the reef. Fiji's reefs are some of the best in the world. What we see that first day would satisfy most divers. But we demand a little more. Butterfly fish and tiger sharks both have stripes, but they do not cast equal shadows. So we have a Mai Tai that night beneath the Southern Cross and talk about the upcoming days.

First Shark Dives
Beqa lagoon all but guarantees bull sharks, and they make their first appearance within minutes of our first shark dive. For those who have dove with reef sharks in the Caribbean, the feed has a familiar feel to it, except that these bull sharks could eat the reef sharks. Clouds and rain above, however, and a plethora of fish, make photography a challenge. So while we find ourselves ecstatic with the days, made all the more special by the welcome company of Brett the tiger shark on day three, I still seek a photo I envision for my office wall. Over a Fiji Gold with divers and friends that evening, the gears in my mind work on how to really nail the shots the next time.

Half Time Show

Dive day four affords a day to focus on the reefs. This is the half time show. Fiji's reefs offer soft corals and lots of color that the camera strobes bring out in amazing detail. We seek sharks, yes, but we have much more to see on all these days. Local villages invite us to visit and see their way of life. A waterfall graces the cliffs up high for those willing to make the climb. Firewalkers show their art of stepping on blistering stones. A church choir sings beautiful Fijian melodies.

We finish dive day four with a Kava ceremony, and talk about the upcoming and last shark day. I am not familiar with Kava, and soon learn that it works like coffee. This means that after five bowls, I guarantee that I will watch the Southern Cross reappear from the clouds at about three in the morning. The weather clears. The coming day looks promising. I finally get some sleep and wake up charged to go. All we need is our tiger shark. Could we be so fortunate to see her twice?

The Return of Brett
The last shark dive starts with the repertoire of bull sharks, but not too long into the second and last shark dive of the trip, Brett the tiger shark appears again. Brett claims ownership of the place, and methodically checks out the scene. She takes particular interest in my camera, and makes no less than three attempts to connect with it while the shark diving staff pushes her away with their poles. On her third try, everything comes together. I focus on getting the shot while Brett focuses on getting past the dive staff and connecting with my camera. We both succeed. Brett bumps my camera, and after a couple more photos, I give her gentle hello in return by running my hand along her pectoral fin. I have the shot I was after and then some.

Brett's second appearance creates some very happy shark divers. No one leaves the water anything but satisfied with the grand finale of her appearance. Not to be over demanding, however, I have just one more thing. Over a cocktail that evening, it dawns on me, and I state the same to a couple of other divers, that this could be my first major tropical dive vacation where I do not see at least one barracuda. The local sea gods eavesdrop on my conversation. The next day hundreds of barracuda surround me in an aquatic dance lit up by my strobes. I have no witnesses to this. I am momentarily alone. But I do have the shots to prove it. Fiji really delivers!!!

Bure Kalou
We have our last meal of the trip at the Bure Kalou. This tall thatched roof centerpiece of the resort has been the site of excellent meals of Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Chicken and an assortment of other fare. Many of us have gone native, and wear complete Sulu with Bula shirts. We listen to more songs, watch dances performed for us, and complete a list of cocktails so that, throughout the trip, we will have tried every one. Through the evening and the morning after, we exchange cards and addresses with those we have not already.


Days later, I am back home, but I can still hear "TODAY IS THE DAY" loud and clear in my mind. My re-entry is not complete. I picked up a necklace with a shark carved out of bone. It seems like an earned souvenir after connecting with our tiger shark. I don't think I will be taking this off any time soon. Sometimes, the nature of the souvenir's people take home shows something about their feelings of the experience, and there was no shortage of significant ironwood carvings and other Fijian artwork taken back at the end of this trip.

By Robert Cantrell


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