We started in 1998 with a simple idea - charter a boat and bring along some friends to find the greatest shark diving adventure on the planet.


Lawrence Groth

"In Their Own Words"

Our clients speak
It is always difficult for me to put into words the excitement, enthusiasm and sense of adventure that we and our clients experience on these expeditions.
So instead I will let them speak for themselves...
Lawrence Groth

World renown photographer, film maker, and environmentalist Bob Talbot with Celebrity Magician David Blaine and Lawrence Groth
World renown photographer, film maker, and environmentalist Bob Talbot with Celebrity Magician David Blaine and Lawrence Groth

This was a very well organized, smoothly run operation. The crew and the "Solmar V" are spectacular. The white sharks were numerous and cooperative and the "Deep Cage" dives were a new perspective for photography and study of behavior. Keep up the great work Lawrence. Stay safe and Good Diving!
Guy Harvey - Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation
Many Thanks to a Great crew. Great operation and experience. This trip would be considered a trip of a lifetime for both old and young.
Capt. Wayne Hasson - Aggressor Fleet, Naples, FL
Amazing adventure, fantastic service from the Captain and crew and every courtesy from the Dive masters. Well managed and organized from start to finish. Close encounters with Great White Sharks was the thrill of a lifetime and a photographers dream. Most of all, the conservation efforts being made here will help ensure the survival of this most awesome predator.
Stephen McCulloch - Marine Mammal Research, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Thank you for helping realize another of our dreams!! Congrats to you Lawrence for your vision and hard work - to put together such a top notch operation - and as well to entire crew of the Solmar V. And special thanks to the sharks - we have a greater appreciation now!
Debbie and Kent B. - Miami Shores, FL

clients and crew on their way to their Guadalupe shark diving expedition

I got more good pictures of white sharks in my first 3 hours than in 3 trips to other locations! very well organized & professionally run. All equipment superbly suited for the job at hand.
Doug Perrine - Kona, HI
First and Foremost, I'd like to say thanks to Mother Nature and the Sea Gods for the great conditions to witness those magnificent Great Whites! But, more importantly a profound appreciation for Lawrence Groth and Scott Davis and their dedicated efforts not only to show these spectacular animals to us - But also their respect for the animals - High Regards.
Nick C. - Baltimore. MD
been on multiple diving trips and you and your team deserve 5 stars out of 5. Your emphasis on quality, safety, education is impressive, but most of all you make an adventure fun. Getting great video and photos of White sharks is rewarding, but the most rewarding part is when you're underwater and you run out of film... and all you can do is just put the camera down and watch in amazement the majesty of those amazing creatures.
Brent M. - Chatanooga, TN
Seeing our first Great White Shark was an experience that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. We could not have hoped for a better guide and crew to help us realise our dream. Thank you for your efforts & see you next time.
Stephanie and Murray B. - Surrey, England
I can't believe how nervous I was when I booked this trip. The fear disappeared as soon as we got in the water!! Amazing! The submersible cage was my favorite part. Lawrence thank you... and of course we couldn't have had a finer crew & group to dive with. I will rave to all.
Virginia H. - Los Angeles, CA

16 clients and two of the crew relax after another successful shark diving expedition

I can't figure out how to explain this experience to the folks back home. I'm not sure it is possible. Great crew, amazingly knowledgeable captain, and epic sharks! Tons of em. I can't imagine a better spot to propose to my girl than down in the cage with Bullet!
Marcus J. - Sausalito, CA
This trip will change the way we look at future vacations. Much- much better than just sitting around a resort. Our friends will keel over when we show them the video. Galapagos here we come!
Nick and Sara A. - Phoenix, AZ
This was definitely the best trip ever! Not only were the sharks the cutest ever but Alan and Scott were knowledgeable and helpful and the Searcher crew was awesome. The people really made the trip for me and I will recommend this trip to everyone. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!
Ellie S. - San Luis Obisbo, CA
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! One of the best trips I have ever taken and probably will ever take. Not only were the sharks numerous and cooperative, but the crew was totally hospitable and helpful. Amazing job all around including the impeccable service and the delicious food.
David H. - Santa Monica, CA
We did enjoy this trip and are going to remember it forever! Beautiful Blue water! What a BIG FAT SHARK!! Wonderful meals! and the best ever crew!! Guy's you are absolutely Great!! Thank you very much for all the care and attention! :-)
Andrea and Ralf - Germany
Great Trip! This was even better than I had imagined. You run a great operation! Scott and Lawrence and the entire crew were very helpful with everything! THANKS! The sharks were awesome! Such an amazing combination of Beauty, Power & Grace! I've always loved and respected Great Whites. Now because of you I can honestly say that I had the BEST Experience diving with them. Keep up the good work!
Mike P. - Newport Beach, CA
UNPRECEDENTED!! Thanks to GWA, The Searcher and her incredible crew. You folks helped make the "Lifelong dream come true" Better than I could have imagined. Fin whales, Orca, Dolphin and 3 days of the Mighty Great White! SPECTACULAR!!
Bill L. - Mesa, AZ
Probably the coolest trip I've ever been on. Sharks Rock, so does the crew! Thank you for making this such a fun experience. PS. The food was excellent.
Margaret G. - Charlotte, NC
I could fill several pages with comments about how great this trip was and how incredible it was to see Great Whites up close, but to keep it simple I'll just say everything from the crew, the diving, the fun, etc, was simply AMAZING!! Thanks!!
Christopher Y. Breckenridge - Colorado
The Best part of the trip is seeing the look on the people's faces when they see the great white for the first time. For me it's always breathtaking! Thanks, Lawrence. You always deliver. 3rd time's a charm - let's go for 4!!!!
Linda R. - Fremont, CA
It has been the most exciting and adrenalin kicking trip in my whole life. It was great. I'll never forget. Thanks for giving me that adventure. You all have been Great and sweet. This is not my last trip to meet sharks, I'll be back. Thank You!
Tina P. - Denmark
Awesome trip. Was better than I expected. The crew was great they went above and beyond everything. Definitely would come again and will recommend it to others.
Mick B. - Kailua, HI
We expected this to be an amazing experience, and it still exceeded our wildest dreams! What an experience! Can't wait to tell everyone we know about it. Keep up the good work Thanks.
Jim and Jan P. - Troy, MI